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Nordstreet team is constantly looking for ways to offer its investors the best investment opportunities!

Nordstreet's risk management team constantly strives to select only the most reliable projects for its investors. We are pleased to announce that the results of this crucial work are clearly visible - 2 loans on the Nordstreet platform have fulfilled their financial obligations, exceeding the promised results!

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These 2 loans have fully fulfilled their obligations to investors! Borrowers were late in meeting their financial obligations, but we are pleased with the work of Nordstreet's risk management team and report that the borrower has successfully covered all interest payments and arrears. Congratulations to investors who have earned additional interest!

Skynimų str. 2, Panevezys, Lithuania (Loan refinancing)

  • Planned annual interest rate - 11 %
  • Generated interest - 42%

Business loan #00006

  • Planned annual interest rate - 12%
  • Generated interest - 31%

It is important to mention that the additional annual return on projects also includes Nordstreet platform interest and loan termination costs. The real return on the project to investors is lower.

Money doesn't grow on trees, it grows in NORDSTREET!


  • Ieguldīt no50€
  • Vidējā izpeļņa 12.56%
  • Ekskluzīvi investīciju piedāvājumi
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