How is the Interest Calculated in the Nordstreet Crowdfunding Platform?

How is the interest calculated in the Nordstreet Focused Crowdfunding Platform? The main goal of investors is to employ funds available, we want to provide and explain the interest calculation formula for those interested in investing opportunities and willing to check or plan the project returns on investment.

The interest calculation formula looks like this:

Annual interest returns / 365 days x number of days in a month

For example: Let us take Project X 

·         Amount invested in the project: €1000

·         Annual project returns on investment: +10%

·         Annual interest returns: +€100

·         Interest due date: 3rd day in a month (from 3 April to 3 May: 30 days)

On the basis of the formula, the monthly interest returns calculation (April) would be the following:

€100 / 365 days x 30 days = € 8.21: this amount should be transferred to the investor’s account for April.

We hope that interest calculation has now become clearer.

Please be reminded that the interest of each month varies depending on the number of days in a month, e.g. as February is a shorter moth, the interest is paid for 28/29 days depending upon the year.


·         Loan interest is calculated from the date of fully collected project financing and it is paid each month. The invested amount is returned once the borrower has repaid the loan.

·         When investing larger amounts, there is a possibility to receive additional interest. Please contact the Nordstreet Team.


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