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Investment risk

The Nordstreet platform offers only real estate projects conforming to the most stringent criteria – all projects are assessed by a team of real estate professionals. This allows us to ensure that only credible projects are presented on the platform, however, Nordstreet does not bear liability for any information provided by Project Developers. This means that when concluding a financial agreement, the Investor shall confirm that it/he/she understands and accepts any possible risks – potential full or partial loss of funds allocated for funding of the project or the potential loss of the estimated profit.

Even though Nordstreet does not bear liability for the losses incurred by the investors and the investments implemented via the platform are not subject to the insurance cover provided for in the Republic of Lithuania Law on Insurance of Deposits and Liabilities to Investors, Nordstreet will take all efforts to ensure protection of the investors’ funds and receipt of the return on investment.


  • Invest from100€
  • Average return 11.37%
  • No hidden fees For investors
  • Property backedloans