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Nordstreet is a crowdfunding platform that radically changes real estate investment opportunities. From now on, RE investments are no longer reserved for venture capital firms or very rich entities: everyone has an opportunity to choose an RE project and invest an amount of their choice (from EUR 100). Only thoroughly verified and analysed real estate projects are presented on the platform. Moreover, NordStreet gives investors all information on the projects, their risks, guarantees, etc.

For real estate developers, Nordstreet presents a reliable opportunity to secure investment for their real estate project by means of crowdfunding. The requested investment is unlimited (given the LTV indicator does not exceed 75%), and the project may run for up to 36 months. One of the key aspects of a business loan for real estate developers is that during the project, they pay only interest, and are expected to repay the full amount only at maturity, i.e. after the successful completion of project development.


Nuo Nordstreet įkūrimo pradžios 2018 m. vasario mėnesį, mes padėjome nekilnojamojo turto vystytojams lengvai ir greitai surinkti lėšas projektų įgyvendinimui.
Taip pat suteikėme galimybę 3549 investuotojams užsidirbti investuojant į paskolas užtikrintas NT įkeitimu.

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