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NordStreet 2023 year in review

Nordsteet, a focused financing crowdfunding platform for its clients, investors, and other interested parties, presents its annual report for the past year, 2023. Despite the year being marked by a subdued real estate market, high inflation, increasing interest rates leading to reduced consumer expectations, and significantly heightened competition, and with the platform having to learn valuable lessons in foreign project financing, we are pleased to report that overall results are positive. The vast majority of investments brought benefits to the financiers, and various financial data suggest that 2024 will be even better both for those seeking investments through the platform and for those investing in anticipation of higher returns than those offered by traditional financial institutions. Key annual events:

• 107 projects were financed, with a total value of nearly 7.5 million euros.

• The average annual interest rate earned on the platform reached 12.38%.

• The number of active investors on the platform exceeded 5000.

• "Nordstreet" obtained an EU license.



  • Invest from 50.00 €
  • Average return 12.44%
  • Exclusive investment offers
  • Property backedloans

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