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Desde la fundación de Nordstreet en 2018. en febrero, financiamos 367 préstamos para empresas. Gracias a Nordstreet, los promotores inmobiliarios y las empresas han podido recaudar fácil y rápidamente fondos para la realización de proyectos inmobiliarios, la creación de empresas o su desarrollo.

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    27 186 305 €

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    14 399 420.01 €

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    2 784 998 €

How does it work?

Nordstreet is a crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding is a model of investing money and raising funds, where investments are made by many individuals. This type of financing opens up the possibility of investing in business loans selected by professionals. Anyone can invest the desired amount of money in already selected business loans from just 100 €. The Nordstreet crowdfunding platform finances various business loans by mortgaging existing real estate or other assets (car, website itt). This is an alternative way to get business loans for small and medium businesses.

  • Application of debtors

    The debtor fills in an application for financing for a real estate project or business loan under development.

  • Project evaluation

    Nordstreet specialists analyze the submitted material in detail and assess the opportunities and risks of the project.

  • Collecting funds

    Lenders invest a chosen amount from 100 € into the project.

  • Loan granting

    After a project is fully funded, the debtor signs the pledge and surety agreements.

  • Loan repayment

    The debtor makes repayments according to repayment schedule detailed in the every project description.

Need a Business Development Loan?

Grow your business faster! Getting a business loan secured through mortgage is much easier and faster with Nordstreet.

Why apply to Nordstreet for a business loan?

  • Advertising and comfortable returns;
  • Speed and your choice when to return the loan;
  • Competence and simplicity.
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