Business loan #00238

Amount of funding 30 000 €
Value of collateral
Annual interest rate 12%
Loan period
12 mo.
Purpose of the loan
Business loan
Collateral Car pledge
Country Lithuania
Investors 158
30 000 €
30 000 €

How much will I earn if I invest:

Investment size
100 €
0 €
With this project in one month I will earn

0.55 €

After 12 months I will earn

6.62 €

Invite a friend and both get a bonus! 15€+15€

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  • Investeeri alates50€
  • Keskmine tootlus 12.66%
  • Eksklusiivsed investeerimis - pakkumised
  • Kinnisvaralaenudlaenud

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