July news and events

Money doesn't grow on trees, it grows in Nordstreet!

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After more than half of 2021, we are setting new goals for ourselves and in a hurry to share the most important achievements of July!

July news and events:

  • We continue seeing growth in our investor loyalty. 79% of investors have 2 or more investments. 41% of investors have 7 or more investments. The investor with the most investments has as many as 192 investments! You can read investor reviews here.
  • We have announced as many as 25 loans for financing. In July, we attracted over € 770,000 in investments.
  • Average annual return on financed business loans: 12.57%.
  • The FIRST project for funding in Italy has been announced.
  • 4 years have passed since the establishment of the company. NORDSTREET celebrated the company’s birthday.
  • NORDSTREET introduced a new service - mezzanine loans. The service will enable companies to grow faster and use a smaller portion of their working capital.

General statistics:

- > 264 financed loans.

- > 18.6 mln € the amount financed.

- > 1.3 mln € earned by investors.

- > 7.8 mln € the amount successfully repaid to the investors.

A reminder that NORDSTREET statistics are publicly available and are available in the "Statistics" section of the website.

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