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About NordStreet“

What is NordStreet?

NordStreet is a crowdfunding platform that radically changes real estate investment opportunities. From now on, RE investments are no longer reserved for venture capital firms or very rich entities: everyone has an opportunity to choose an RE project and invest an amount of their choice (from EUR 100). Only thoroughly verified and analysed real estate projects are presented on the platform. Moreover, NordStreet gives investors all information on the projects, their risks, guarantees, etc.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a model of investment and fundraising where investments are provided by a number of single individuals. Crowdfunding significantly simplifies the investment process, provides an opportunity to choose an investment project and receive a higher return on investment.

User registration and identification

What if I have forgotten my password and have not received a reset link?

If you did not receive a reset link, e-mail us at info[eta]nordstreet.com and we will send it to you.

Why do I need to link NordStreet with my Paysera account?

Linking the NordStreet user account with a Paysera account simplifies the confirmation of the investor’s identity. Moreover, this helps us ensure higher security of funds: neither the NordStreet platform operator nor Paysera has direct access to your funds.

How do I link my NordStreet account with my Paysera account?

Register on the NordStreet platform, then click on the ‘Confirm User’ link available in the top menu bar, and you will be directed to the Paysera page where you will be able to connect to the existing account or create a new one. After logging in, perform the requested identification actions: confirm your phone number and personal ID number. Detailed information on user identification is available here (for natural persons) and here (for legal entities).

Why do I need to grant NordStreet the right to receive all my personal information during the identification process?

This is a legal requirement for your identification as a user. We are obligated not to use this data for any other purposes.

How can I create a Paysera account if I do not have one?

Creating a new Paysera account is free of charge. During user identification, enter your e-mail address and password of choice in the Paysera window that will open, then confirm the registration link sent by e-mail to create the account. You can receive more information on creating a new account by clicking this link.

What is required to perform customer identification in the Paysera system?

Customer identification requires confirmation of a phone number and a document. To do that, you need to provide a photo of your ID document and, if possible, complete identification by using a computer or smartphone camera.

How long does it take to complete the Paysera client identification?

Paysera will verify the documents necessary for identification within 1 business day, at which point they will approve your account.

What should I do if Paysera client identification is unsuccessful?

In this case, please contact the Paysera customer service. Paysera specialists will help you with the identification. You can message them here or call the numbers provided.

Will I be able to invest right after I link my Paysera account with my NordStreet user account?

Yes, all you will need to do is make a minimum required investment amount, i.e. EUR 100, available on your Paysera account.




Who is permitted to invest on the NordStreet platform?

Investing on the NordStreet crowdfunding platform is permitted to natural persons who have reached the age of majority and all legal entities. Prior to making an investment it is important to confirm your identity by linking your NordStreet account with your Paysera account.

Can I invest via a company?

Yes, if you have linked your NordStreet user account with the company’s Paysera account.

How much can I invest?

You can invest a minimumu of EUR 100 in each crowdfunding project on the NordStreet platform. There is no maximum restriction on the investment amount and number of funding projects.

How should I choose a project for investment?

Next to every crowdfunding RE (Real Estate) project, you will find information on its developers, capital type, risk group, loan repayment term, estimated return on investment, etc. We recommend considering all information provided on a project before making your investment choice.


If you are looking to invest (even if it is only a small amount), the NordStreet platform offers one of the most promising investment areas – real estate. Main reasons to invest via NordStreet:

  • Here you will find only thoroughly vetted projects assessed by our RE experts.
  • You can start investing from EUR 100.
  • Borrowers guarantee repayment of the project investments by pledge of property, which makes investment risk lower than normal.
  • The average return on investment can be as high as 11 percent.

Are Paysera account and NordStreet account (balance) the same thing?

The NordStreet crowdfunding platform has no access to your funds. They are available on your personal Paysera account. However, linking the accounts allows seeing the amount available on your Paysera account as the balance on NordStreet platform. The balance displayed is your Paysera account balance.


How does the investment process take place?

  1. Before you start investing, you need to register on the NordStreet platform.
  2. Following registration and logging in, you must link your NordStreet account with your Paysera account in order to confirm your identity. If you do not have a Paysera account, you can create one during the linking process.
  3. Select a crowdfunding project for investment in real estate on the NordStreet platform, click ‘Invest’, enter the amount and confirm the investment.
  4. The funds available on your personal Paysera account will be used for investments on the NordStreet platform: the platform will reserve the amount of your choice in the Paysera account.
  5. Once the full amount required for a project is collected and all loan guarantee funds are received, the reserved amount will be debited from your Paysera account. Interest will be calculated from that moment on.

Before confirming the investment in the pop-up window, I see the chosen amount divided into to parts – loan and commission fee. Will the interest be calculated on the total amount or only on the displayed loan amount?

Interest will be calculated on the total (i.e. 100 percent) amount of your investment.

What are the risks assumed by investors?

The NordStreet platform is an intermediary between the investor and the project owner, offering a range of carefully selected projects of the highest creditworthiness; however, the investor shall assume all possible risks: risk of full or partial loss of funds allocated for funding (capital); absence of potential profit and financial liquidity risks.

However, these scenarios are highly improbable. NordStreet, acting as the creditors’ representative, will ensure repayment of investments: whenever necessary, transfer of property pledged by the project owner may be initiated and other measures may be taken to ensure repayment of an investment.

From what moment will interest be calculated: selection of my investment or confirmation of the entire project?

Interest will be calculated from the moment the project funds (loan) are transferred to the account of the project owner. This means that first, the full amount necessary for the implementation of the project must be collected, then the borrower must provide guarantees of performance (pledged property or other documents), followed by transfer of the funds. This usually, takes about 2 business days from the moment the full investment amount has been collected.


How does Nordstreet select projects for investment?

All projects are carefully assessed by the NordStreet team and our advisers. We take into consideration both the project owner’s credit history and rating, the project itself, and evaluate the business plan and payback opportunities, etc.

What does the LTV (Loan-to-Value) indicator next to the projects mean?

The LTV indicator provided next to each crowdfunding project shows the loan amount to pledged property value ratio. The lower the indicator, the lower the investment risk, as in a case of non-repayment of the loan, the value of property sold will be higher than the loan. A lower LTV indicator means lower risk of not recovering the investments if property prices drop due to a crisis.

Where can I monitor the progress of the projects I have invested in?

After logging in to NordStreet crowdfunding platform, in your Investor Profile in the section My Investments you will always be able to find a project information summary. Full information is available under the project. We will also notify you as an investor on all updates and additional information by e-mail.

What will happen if a project I have invested in does not collect the required amount?

If the necessary investments are not collected, the project will not be funded. NordStreet does not have access to your funds; until confirmation of the project, the amount invested will simply be reserved on your Paysera account. If the project is not confirmed, the reservation will be cancelled and the money will remain on your account.

What will happen if a loan I have invested in is not repaid?

In this case, NordStreet will initiate the loan recovery procedure. If your money is not repaid, the property pledged by the borrower will be sold to return money to the investors.


How is the return on investment calculated?

The interest rate indicated next to each NordStreet crowdfunding project is an annual rate. Thus, if during a period of 12 months the estimated rate of return on the loan is 12 percent, this means that the monthly interest rate is 1 percent (12 / 12 = 1).
For example, if you invest EUR 1,000 in a project with a 12 percent annual rate of return, then each month’s interest will comprise EUR 10 (EUR 1000 x (12/12/100) = 10).

What is the procedure of payment of the loan instalments to the investors?

When the borrower makes a payment, the funds will be distributed among all investors in proportion to the amount invested.
If the amount received is insufficient to cover the full payment, the share of investments and interest will be allocated to the investors in proportion to the invested amount. For example, if your investment comprises 3 percent of the total project amount, you will receive 3 percent of the interest amount transferred by the borrower. In this case, upon receipt of funds from the borrower who delayed payments, first, the default charges due to the investors will be deducted, then the interest.

When will I get back the invested money and accrued interest?

Unless otherwise indicated in the loan repayment schedule provided next to the project, your interest will be paid on a monthly basis, while the principal amount invested will be repaid at the end of the project (each project has a specified duration – 12, 24 months, etc.).

Are the earnings (i.e., interest received) from investments on NordStreet platform subject to taxation?

Yes, interest paid via the platform is attributed to class B income and is subject to a 15% personal income tax. At the end of the calendar year, NordStreet will provide an FR0471 declaration approved by the STI, where interest received by each investor must be indicated. This sum will also be reflected in the preliminary declaration of your income submitted to the STI, which you can find by logging into the Electronic Declaration System (EDS) at vmi.lt.
You must declare the income received and pay taxes due before May 1 of the following year.

How can I withdraw money from Nordstreet?

Log in to your NordStreet account to see the amount available on your Paysera account. This is a settlement account and operates according to the same principles as the accounts in other banks: it can be used to make transfers, payments with the available Paysera Visa card or you can withdraw the available funds.



Who may apply for investment on the NordStreet crowdfunding platform?

Investment may be requested, i.e. applied for, by any legal entity. When selecting the projects, we assess the creditworthiness of their owners and companies, and the project’s business plan; we also try to ensure that the LTV (Loan-to-Value) indicator does not exceed 75 percent.

What projects can be funded on the NordStreet crowdfunding platform?

The NordStreet crowdfunding platform allows funding of promising RE projects with a loan period from 1 to 36 months and an LTV (Loan-to-Value) indicator no higher than 75 percent.

Can investments be requested only by a company, or also by a natural person developing a RE project?

At this time, only legal entities, i.e. companies, may apply for RE investment via the NordStreet crowdfunding platform.

How long does it take to collect the amount necessary for my project?

The amount required for the project can be collected within 2 weeks or sooner, depending on the attractiveness of your project to the investors.

What will happen if the full amount required for the project is not collected?

The project will not be funded and the funds allocated will remain in the investors’ accounts.


How long will it take for the collected investments to reach my account?

The collected investments will be transferred to the project owner’s account after the documents on the guarantees of performance obligations (pledge of property, etc.) have been provided.

What fees will be withheld by NordStreet?

The NordStreet crowdfunding platform charges a 3% fee of the amount of loan from the borrowers.


The investment repayment period and other loan conditions are confirmed by a mutually concluded agreement. The investments may be repaid upon expiration of at least one half of the loan period; meanwhile, penalty charges will be imposed on delayed payments. In any event, for individual changes of the payment schedule or other conditions of the agreement, please contact us personally at info[eta]nordstreet.com.

Do I need to present any documents on the use of the collected investments?

No, we do not require evidence of the use of the investments.

What should I do if the project is unsuccessful and I am unable to repay the sum borrowed?

If you cannot repay the loan at this moment, but you are willing to cooperate and find a solution, please contact us, and we will discuss the refinancing of the loan (at mid-term) or the possibility to postpone payment of interest. Otherwise, NordStreet will be forced to initiate subrogation and sale of pledged property in order to repay the funds to the investors.

Debt recovery

What will happen if the borrower fails to repay my investment in due time?

  1. If the borrower delays payments by 40 or more days, the repayment of the loan shall be managed by NordStreet (see question 5.2.).
  2. If payment is delayed by 40 or more days, NordStreet will transfer the borrower’s data to the debt collection company. It will initiate a pre-trial recovery of the debt. Debt recovery can be carried out in two stages – primary and secondary, the differences of which are discussed in question 5.3.1.
  3. If the borrower fails to make the payment, evades communication, otherwise avoids contact or fails to respond to the actions of collection companies, NordStreet will immediately terminate the agreement concluded with this borrower. Commonly, the agreements with an insolvent borrower will be terminated after 7-8 failures to provide payments. In this case, the borrower will be notified about the termination of the agreement, a detailed procedure of the debt repayment, and in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Credit, the borrower will be granted an additional period of two weeks to make the delayed payment. If the borrower fails to perform the demanded actions, relevant documents will be passed on to a lawyer, who will initiate legal debt recovery proceedings.
  4. Following the award of the loan, NordStreet will contact a judicial officer. Enforced recovery will be initiated after a judicial officer accepts the enforcement documents issued by the court. The recovery time of investments depends on the actual financial position of the debtor at the time of enforced recovery, i.e. the debtor’s income, its stability, passiveness and availability of assets, which could be subject to encumbrance. Taking the above into account, a payment plan will be drawn up, according to which you will be able to recover your investments.

Loan repayment administration in cases where a borrower delays payments by up to 40 days.

In this case, loan repayment will be managed by NordStreet.

Borrowers always receive a reminder message about an upcoming payment deadline. If the payment is not made on the date specified, the customer will receive an automatic reminder call. During the call, the reasons for delay will be established and an exact amount due will be indicated. The borrower will be reminded that in the event of delayed payments, he/she will be obliged to pay penalty charges and his/her personal data will be published in the system of Creditinfo Lietuva credit bureau.

The aim of NordStreet is to inform the borrowers about possible consequences and encourage them to make payments within a reasonable time. A customer delaying any payments will receive SMS messages, e-mails and phone calls. If the parties fail to come to an agreement, i.e. the borrower does not make the payment, he/she will receive a warning of transfer of this information to a debt collection company and its publication on the Creditinfo database.

Transfer of debt recovery to a debt collection company.

If the Borrower delays payment for a period of 40-45 days, NordStreet will transfer the debt recovery process to debt collection companies. At the same time, in order to make sure that the customer does not assume any more financial obligations, information regarding the debt will be published in the database of Creditinfo.

The NordStreet crowdfunding platform cooperates with three debt collection companies. Two of them are involved in the first, and one – in the second debt administration stage.

Primary and secondary stages of pre-trial debt recovery

Primary recovery
The duration of this stage is commonly 3 or more months, counting from the moment of transfer of the debtor to a debt collection company. If at the moment of debt administration the debtor is solvent and complies with the debt repayment schedule approved by the debt collection company, the debt will not be passed on for the secondary recovery and will be managed by the same company until the end.

Secondary recovery
The secondary recovery will be initiated, when during the primary stage, the debt collection company is unable to reach agreement on the payments and/or the debtor fails to settle within a period of 90 days. The secondary recovery is always executed by a specialised debt collection company.

Once the customer repays the debts, the recovery actions will the suspended and the customer will be asked to follow the previously established payment schedule.

How can I find information on the recovery progress of the loan I have invested in?

The status of primary and secondary debt recovery and all actions involving investors will be displayed in real time. You can see:

  • the payment agreement;
  • attempts to renew the agreement;
  • restored contacts;
  • additional actions initiated.

The status of investments and the meaning of each will be provided in the personal account of each investor. Relevant information and information on the debt recovery actions, their commencement or completion, will be both made available on your NordStreet account and sent to you by e-mail.

Legal recovery

Legal recovery is a measure of last resort which is used if, during the pre-trial procedure, the debtor ignores attempts at communicationand evades their obligations and responsibilities.

Duration of legal recovery
This recovery procedure takes up to 6 months. In exceptional cases, for example, where it is impossible to serve the procedural court documents to a debtor or where the debtor raises objections against the claim lodged, legal recovery may take a longer period of time.

Information on the transfer of the debt matters to a court, termination of the agreement with the debtor, etc., will be provided to investors by e-mail. Following the award of the debt and transfer of a debtor to the judicial officers, this information will also become available in the investor’s personal account – such loans are marked in red.

The legal recovery procedure is organised and its costs are borne by NordStreet.

Protection of funds

What happens to the investors' money if Paysera is declared bankrupt?

When you transfer the money into Paysera account, an electronic equivalent of cash used for transfers is created. This means that your money is kept in a separate account at one of the Lithuanian banks independent of Paysera. This system guarantees that, in the event of bankruptcy of Paysera, all funds will immediately be returned.

What happens if NordStreet is declared bankrupt?

The NordStreet crowdfunding platform is supervised by the Bank of Lithuania, thus the latter has also approved the platform’s business continuity plan. Its purpose is to protect the investors in the event of the company’s bankruptcy. The plan identifies the main risks and the action plan to execute if NordStreet operations were to be suspended.
In this case, the following key actions have been identified:

  • Suspension of the release of new loans.
  • Transfer of loan administration to a temporary administrator.
  • Pursuant to public procurement, the temporary administrator would sell the loan portfolio to another operator which would continue the administration of settlement with the investors.

How do you ensure the protection of investor funds?

Protection of the funds invested is achieved by means of such guarantees of performance of the loan obligations as the pledge of immovable property, personal surety, etc. These measures are specified next to each investment project individually and may differ from project to project.

It is important to know that the NordStreet platform does not have access to any funds: they are directed from the investor’s Paysera account to the project owner’s account and vice versa. For this reason, the funds are secure even in the event of unexpected platform operation circumstances.