1.1. On the Website, the Data Controller uses cookies, which are small textual documents with a unique identification number and which are downloaded from the Website to the hard disk of the visitor’s computer to enable the Data Controller to distinguish the Website visitor’s computer and see its activities on the Website.
1.2. The Data Controller, using the cookies, collects the following Data: IP address, Browser type, demographic data, other Website visitor behaviour data.
1.3. The following cookies are used on the Website:
1.3.1. Advertising cookies. Advertising cookies are used for showing ads that are of interest to a specific Website‘s visitor and meet his interests. They are as well used for making some ads visible only for a certain number of times and helping to measure the efficiency of the advertising campaign;
1.3.2. Compulsory cookies. Compulsory cookies are used to allow a Website visitor to browse the Website and use its functions;
1.3.3. Session cookies. Session cookies. Session cookies allow identifying a Website visitor through a single visit to the Website, seeing his behaviour, clicks during the session, and memorizing them while browsing the Website. Session cookies are temporary and are deleted as soon as the browser is closed or disconnected from the Website;
1.3.4. Functional cookies. Functional cookies allow the Website to memorize things that a Website visitor chooses (such as his name, language or region) and offer enhanced features that are personally tailored to the Website visitor. The information gathered from these cookies can be made anonymous, and they cannot track the visitor’s browsing activity on other websites;
1.3.5. Analytical cookies. These cookies are used for the statistical analysis of the Website visitor‘s navigation methods.

Cookie name Description, destination Default expiration time Type
_dc_gtm_UA-* The cookie is used to upload scripts and codes to the website. Session Analytical
_laravel_session The cookie is used to create a Website visitor session ID so that the system can identify the Website visitor as unique and distinguish him from other Website visitors using the Website. 1 day Compulsory
PHPSESSID The cookie is designed to help ensure the integrity of the website’s functionality. Session Session
remember_web_* The cookie extends Website visitor access time. Session Session
XSRF-TOKEN The cookie is used to identify sessions on the Website. 2 hours Session
mailerlite:webform:shown:* Mailerlite cookie is designed for enabling Mailerlite services on the Website and ensuring their proper functioning. No expiry date Functional
Facebook , Facebook Inc.:
_fbp Used to store the Website visitor data and use it for advertising and “Facebook Analytics”. 1 day Advertizing
__tawkuuid cookie used to provide the Website visitor with online help via the chat box system. 6 months Functional
TawkConnectionTime These cookies are used to enable live chat with clients on the Website. Session Functional
Google Analytics:
_ga The cookie is used by Google Analytics to evaluate the purpose of the visitor’s visit to the Website, to report on the activity of the Website visitor to the Data Controller and to improve the visitor’s experience of visiting the Website. 1 year Analytical
_gcl_au The cookie is used by Google Analytics to identify a Website visitor and receive information about how the page was accessed and used 3 months Analytical
_gid The Google Analytics cookie is used for tracking purposes in order to distinguish Website visitors. 24 hours Analytical

1.4. The Data Controller uses the Data from the cookies used on the Website for the following purposes:
1.4.1. To ensure the smooth use, operation and facilitation of the Website browsing process;
1.4.2. User identification;
1.4.3. To analyse website visits statistics, website visitors behaviour;
1.4.4. To improve the quality of the services available on the Website.
1.5. By using computer settings, a visitor to a website can edit the settings for using cookies, i.e. delete (block) cookies or a part thereof. A website visitor can find more information about all the cookie settings at For more information about Google Analytics cookies and their settings, please visit It is important to note that changing your cookie settings may block some features of the Website.


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