Overdue Loans - an unexpected catch for investors | Savanorių Avenue case

Investors from the real estate crowdfunding platform Nordstreet have a reason to celebrate - those who invested in the real estate project in Savanorių Avenue in Vilnius, earned far more interest than expected! So much so, that their promised interest was increased by a whopping 21.33%!

The total investment for the two funding stages in Savanorių ave. exceeded 500,000 EUR. The initial promised return ranged from 11.5 to 13%. At the end of these stages, it turned out that Nordstreet's customers received a far better deal than initially expected - the interest received significantly exceeded the return on investment promised at the beginning of the project. After accruing late interest, investors earned as much as 21.33% interest.

"People are often fearful of projects that are delaying their commitments. The borrower does its best to meet their obligations on time, but it is not always possible to prepare for all circumstances. Situations like these allow investors to earn more than planned. That’s exactly what happened with the aforementioned project - investors earned more due to accrued interest, which increased the average annual return by more than 2.5 percent. It’s also worth noting that the project was secured by real estate, so the investment risk was very low. In cases like these additional risk can yield substantial returns. ”commented Jonas Izokaitis, Nordstreet's Head of Risk Management, who has more than a decade of Risk management experience in the banking sector under his belt.

By thoroughly assessing the risks of each project, Nordstreet is proud to say that all of the platform's investment offerings are being implemented successfully and are meeting their obligations to investors. Furthermore, the platform has 0 failed projects throughout the company’s history. Among the market-leading platforms, Nordstreet generates the highest interest for the investors, and delayed projects further increase this return. Opportunities like these are one of the many advantages of alternative financing platforms over traditional forms of investment for those who want to successfully invest their money.

In the secondary loan market, investors can buy and sell their investments. Cunning investors, familiar with Nordstreet's project evaluation reputation, buy-out overdue loans. Since Nordstreet always makes sure that the real estate pledge exceeds the borrowed amount – this works as an additional safeguard, ensuring all agreed payments reach investors.

Of course, risk factors must always be taken into consideration when investing, but as countless times shown before, even in the case of late investments accrued late fees can have a significant positive impact on investor’s returns.

In Nordstreet platform, investors can earn up to 15% annual interest rate and thus successfully build their investment portfolio while growing their savings!


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