October news and events

October was extremely generous for project investors! As many as 4 loans on the NORDSTREET platform have fulfilled their obligations, exceeding the promised results *!

Annual Return on Investments:

Migūčionių str.2A, Elektrėnai (Lithuania) - 21%

Migūčionių str. 2A, Elektrėnų municipality, Lithuania (2nd rate mortgage) - 18%

Business loan #00127- 16%

Business loan #00036-16%

We are also pleasantly surprised by the increase in investors, as many as 550+ new members have joined the NORDSTREET platform! Welcome aboard! 

However we don't plan on stopping to improve! We hope that together we will achieve even better results in the future!

* The additional annual return on projects includes NORDSTREET platform's compensatory interest and loan termination costs. The real return on the project for investors is lower.

October news and events

  • 288 investors have successfully funded a new investment opportunity on the Nordstreet platform - Buy to Let!
  • We are happy with your activity every month! In October, you funded over 1 mln. €!
  • We announced 10new projects for funding: 7 real estate development projects and 3 business loans. A total of 13 projects were funded.
  • Average annual return on financed loans: 12.8%.
  • The amount funded by Nordstreet's investors exceeded 22 million. €
  • Users recommend NORDSTREET! Our investors attracted a record number of 269 new investors through recommendations program.
  • Interest in the platform continues to grow. 550+ new members have joined the platform!

General statistics

1) 305 financed loans

2) 22.1 mln € the amount financed

3) 1.6 mln € earned by investors

4) 10.1 mln € the amount successfully repaid to the investors

We remind that NORDSTREET statistics are publicly available and can be accessed in the "Statistics" section of the website.

We hope you found the information provided useful and if you are interested in investing through crowdfunding platforms, feel free to review our latest projects and start investing today!

Money doesn't grow on trees, it grows in NORDSTREET!


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  • Average return 12.56%
  • Exclusive investment offers
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