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We are pleased to announce that from 2021. November 15th, NS PAY becomes a new NORDSTREET payment partner! This change will ensure that investors can invest in selected projects very quickly and easily!
The news of the new payment partner has aroused great interest of investors, therefore below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ):

1. What is NS PAY, why can't I find information online?

NS PAY, UAB is a subsidiary of Nordstreet, which has the right to issue electronic money. The whole Nordstreet team contributed to the creation of NS PAY! NS PAY has a limited operating license whose primary purpose is to provide electronic money issuance and payment services only to the clients of NORDSTREET, UAB and only to the extent that such services are necessary for servicing the Platform.

2. Is NS PAY safe?

The NS Pay platform is analogous in its security to PaySera, Neo Finance, Foxpay and other licensed EMIs (electronic money institutions)!

3. Where to find NS PAY?

You do not need to register separately, download the app or open an account, as NS PAY is integrated into the NORDSTREET platform. From November 15, you will be able to manage your e-wallet by logging in to your account! You will also find instructions on how to top up your e-wallet.

4. Key dates

You can update the information and go through the identification process NOW by logging in to your NORDSTREET account. By November 15th, your e-wallet will be opened automatically for you. We will inform you about the opening of the wallet in a separate notice on November 15th. You will also find instructions for topping up your e-wallet in the announcement.

5. How to start using NS PAY?

Important: The NS PAY e-wallet will open automatically from November 15th.

Getting started with NS PAY services is extremely easy! Opening your unique e-wallet is done along with an update of user data (also called “KYC”). After updating the data, your e-wallet will be created automatically, which you can top up by making a regular transfer from any bank. You will not need to register separately nor open an account.

6. Why was the decision to change the payment partner made?

With the help of NS Pay, we will strive to ensure an extremely fast and simple user registration process. Due to the current procedure, it often takes 24+ hours to start identifying and start investing on the Nordstreet platform, as it is necessary to create a separate bank account. Meanwhile, NS Pay will reduce this time to 10 minutes!

7. What steps do I need to take to start using NS PAY?

The NS PAY e-wallet is part of the NORDSTREET platform, so you must log in to your NORDSTREET account to start using it.

Then you will need:

Update Profile Information (the system will redirect you automatically if there’s missing information in the "Profile" section)

Go through the identification process that will be performed by our partners ONDATO (you will need your ID card or Passport). The whole process will take up to 5 minutes!

Fill in the Investor Questionnaire (if you have not yet completed this step)

Following these steps - your e-wallet will open automatically! You can top it up by bank transfer. You will find the information required for the transfer in your NORDSTREET account.

Your return on investment will be transferred to your e-wallet where you will be able to track your earnings!

8. How to quickly and successfully pass ONDATO identification?

Ondato is a tool used by the Nordstreet platform to ensure personal identification.

With the help of ONDATO, the entire identification process will be done in just a few minutes!

Have your ID card or passport next to you

The document must be original - you cannot take a photo of a copy or a document on another device

We recommend using a phone (for better camera image quality)

Complete the identification process in a well lit environment

When identifying, make sure no other people are visible in the background.

9. You can find the video instructions for the identification at the following links:

Identification from a mobile device -

Identification from a computer device -

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