August news and events

Hello there!

The last month of summer pampered not only with the variety of projects, but also with the results achieved

We are particularly pleased with the activity of the NORDSTREET investor community in financing the projects announced on the platform.

Only thanks to you, August has become one of the best and most productive months in 2021.

Of course, the year is not over yet, and we hope that together we will be able to achieve even better results.

The amount funded

August news and events

  • The amount of attracted investments is more than 1.64 million €.
  • A new record for the largest investment has been set. Maximum amount invested in one project: € 190,000.
  • We announced 8 new projects for financing: 3 real estate development projects and 5 business loans. A total of 16 projects were funded.
  • Average annual return on financed business loans: 12.23%.
  • The FIRST project was financed in Italy Production and office complex on Via Valsessera, Guardabosone city, Province of Verchelli, Italy (Phase 1) as well as the second project was announced in Norway: Valberggrenda str. 11, Sandefjord village, Norway
  • 8 loans with a total value of € 1,347,000 were successfully repaid.
  • Interest in the platform continues to grow. 550 new members joined the platform.

General statistics

1) 279 financed loans

2) 19.4 mln € the amount that was financed

3) 1.4 mln € earned by investors

4) 9 mln € successfully returned

We'd like to mention that NORDSTREET statistics are publicly available in the "Statistics" section of the website. 

Money doesn't grow on trees, it grows in Nordstreet!

Business loans secured by real estate pledge

Business loans


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  • Vidutinė grąža 12.56%
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