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  • Waiting for investments Left to invest: 10 days 03:09:21

    Savanorių ave. 178, Naujamiestis, Vilkpedės districts, Vilnius, Lithuania

    12 575.00 €
    320 000.00 €
    • Return rate 11.5%
    • Investors 23
    • LTV 58%
    • Risk group C
    • Months 14
    • Loan for installation
    Left to invest: 10 days 03:09:21 Details Invest
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How does it work?

  • Application of borrowers

    The project owner fills in the application for getting funds.

  • Project evaluation

    RE professionals confirm projects with the highest assessment standards.

  • Collecting funds

    Lenders invest a chosen amount from 100 € into the project.

  • Loan granting

    After a project is fully funded, the borrower signs the pledge and surety agreements.

  • Loan repayment

    The borrower makes repayments according to repayment schedule detailed in the every project description.

About Nordstreet

Nordstreet is a crowdfunding platform that radically changes real estate investment opportunities. From now on, Real Estate investments are no longer reserved for venture capital firms or very rich entities: everyone has an opportunity to choose an RE project and invest an amount of their choice from only 100 Eur.


Since founding Nordstreet in February of 2018, we've helped real estate developers to raise funds easily and quickly.
Also we gave an opportunity to 3879 investors make money by investing in loans secured by real estate pledge.

Nordstreet's numbers speak louder than words

  • 3879


  • 64


  • 11.4%

    Avg. return on investments

  • 6 373 189 €

    Money lent

  • 252 176 €

    Money paid out

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Grow your business faster! Getting a business loan secured through mortgage is much easier and faster with Nordstreet.

Why apply to Nordstreet for a business loan?

  • Advertising and comfortable returns;
  • Speed and your choice when to return the loan;
  • Competence and simplicity.
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