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Invest in business loans with collateral. Average return on investment: 12.29%

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    Krautuvių g.5, Panerių eldership, Vilnius (refinancing loan)

    66 579.00 €
    155 000.00 €
    • Return rate
    • Investors 98
    • LTV 69%
    • Risk group B
    • Months 12
    • Collateral Real estate pledge
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How does it work?

  • Application of borrowers

    The borrower fills in an application for financing for a real estate project or business loan under development.

  • Project evaluation

    Nordstreet specialists analyze the submitted material in detail and assess the opportunities and risks of the project.

  • Collecting funds

    Lenders invest a chosen amount from 100 € into the project.

  • Loan granting

    After a project is fully funded, the borrower signs the pledge and surety agreements.

  • Loan repayment

    The borrower makes repayments according to repayment schedule detailed in the every project description.

About Nordstreet

Nordstreet is a crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding is a model of investing money and raising funds, where investments are made by many individuals. This type of financing opens up the possibility of investing in business loans selected by professionals. Anyone can invest the desired amount of money in already selected business loans from just 100 €. The Nordstreet crowdfunding platform finances various business loans by mortgaging existing real estate or other assets (car, website itt). This is an alternative way to get business loans for small and medium businesses.


Since the founding of Nordstreet in 2018. in february, we financed 73 business loans. Thanks to Nordstreet, real estate developers and businesses have been able to easily and quickly raise funds for the implementation of real estate projects, business start-ups or its development.

Nordstreet's numbers speak louder than words

  • 1147


  • 73


  • 12.29%

    Avg. return on investments

  • 6 426 519 €

    Money lent

  • 396 376 €

    Money paid out

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  • Advertising and comfortable returns;
  • Speed and your choice when to return the loan;
  • Competence and simplicity.
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  • Invest from100€
  • Average return 12.29%
  • Exclusive investment offers
  • Property backedloans

Nordstreet is a crowdfunding platform (crowdlending platform) that helps expand investment and passive income opportunities without leaving home. From now on, the investment is available to everyone: everyone has the opportunity to choose a real estate project or a business loan with real estate collateral and invest their chosen amount of just 100 €. Nordstreet provides investors with all information about the projects, the purpose of the business loans, their risks, guarantees and the real estate they offer and describe in the project, which is also a guarantee for the security of investors' funds. The platform only presents carefully tested and analyzed projects.
Please note that while the platform takes all possible measures to reduce investor risk, it is the investors who take the risk that some or all of the funds for a particular project may not be returned. The insurance protection established in the Law on Insurance of Deposits and Liabilities to Investors of the Republic of Lithuania does not apply to crowdfunding activities.